2024 Guide to DStv Installation Prices in South Africa: What You Need to Know

DStv installation price in South Africa for 2024 are easy to understand. The basic setup with a single decoder starts at R500 and can go up to R1000. If you want more, like multiple decoders, it will cost more.

Always choose an accredited installer for your DStv needs. They know how to set everything up correctly.

Across South Africa, cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town have many expert installers ready to help. Installation costs change if you add things like extra view or upgrade your decoder.

For a simple HD PVR or Explora setup, the price fits within this range too. Keep these details in mind as you plan your DStv installation this year.

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Unpacking DSTV Installation Costs

Unpacking DSTV Installation Costs

DSTV installation prices change based on a few things. Let’s break down what adds to the cost and find ways to save money.

What Influences the Prices of DStv Installations? A Clear Guide

Several factors play a crucial role in setting the prices for DStv setups. The type of receiver, like a basic HD PVR decoder or an Explora decoder, greatly impacts the cost. Choose between these options, and your price changes.

Complexity adds another layer to pricing. A simple extra view setup costs you less than more complex systems needing advanced configurations.

From my experience, location affects costs too. Installing a standard 80cm dish in Cape Town hits around R1,500 on your bill; opt for a bigger dish, and pay more. Deals such as installation vouchers and Price Lock specials also sway final fees significantly.

Each choice—receiver type, system complexity, location specifics—builds up your unique installation price tag.

Overview of DSTV Installation Packages and Prices

Choosing the right DStv package and understanding the installation costs can save you time and money.

Installation PackageIncluded ServicesPrice Range (ZAR)
Standard InstallationIncludes standard dish, single LNB, up to 25 meters of cabling, and full installation service.R700 – R900
Explora InstallationSetup includes an Explora decoder, advanced dish kit, smart LNB, and up to 25 meters of cable, plus installation.R1,700 – R2,700
HD InstallationFeatures an HD decoder, standard dish kit, single LNB, up to 25 meters of cabling, and installation.R900 – R1,100
ExtraView InstallationInstallation of an additional decoder for multi-view capability, includes smart LNB, extra cabling, and installation.R2,200 – R3,300
Smart LNB UpgradeUpgrade existing setup to smart LNB, includes necessary adjustments and installation.R800 – R1,300
Relocation ServiceService includes the relocation of dish and decoder, realignment, and up to 25 meters of cabling.R750 – R1,250
Signal Correction ServiceService to realign dish, check and possibly replace LNB, and inspect and repair cabling.R450 – R800

Remember, choosing an accredited installer ensures your setup meets the necessary standards and works flawlessly.

How to Find Trusted DStv Installation Experts Nearby

How to Find Trusted DStv Installation Experts Nearby

Here’s how you can locate reputable DStv technicians close to where you live:

  1. Check Online Directories: Start with online directories of accredited installers. These lists show professionals who are approved by DStv for installation and repair tasks.
  2. Ask for Recommendations: Talk to family and friends who have recently used installation services. They can share their experiences and suggest reliable technicians.
  3. Read Reviews: Online reviews provide insight into other customers’ experiences. Look for installers with high ratings and positive feedback.
  4. Use Social Media: Social media platforms are great for finding local services. Join local groups, and ask members for suggestions on trusted installers.
  5. Visit the DStv Website: The official website has a feature to help find accredited installers in your area. This ensures you get experts who meet DStv’s strict standards.
  6. Check Credentials: Once you find potential installers, check their credentials. Make sure they’re fully licensed and have experience with the type of setup you need.
  7. Ask About Warranty: Reliable technicians offer a warranty on their workmanship. This gives you peace of mind that they stand behind their work.

DSTV Decoder and Installation Cost Details

Finding out the cost for a DStv Explora and the expense of setting it up can be simple. Look at prices for both the device and dish set-up to plan your budget right.

Prices for Installing DSTV Explora

Installing a DSTV Explora requires you to pay for both the device and the setup service. The price of the DSTV Explora itself varies, depending on where you buy it. But, expect to spend more for this advanced TV box compared to standard decoders.

Getting it up and running at your home involves expert installers who charge their own fees.

From my experience, installing an Explora can cost quite a bit because it’s not just plugging in cables. You need correct dish alignment, cable management, and setting up extra features like Catch Up or BoxOffice.

Local professionals often offer packages that include the decoder price with their installation services—making things simpler but adding to the overall cost. Always check for specials or bundled offers; they can save you money on these advanced setups.

Cost Details for DSTV Dish Installation

DSTV dish installations vary in cost. Prices start at R1,500 and can go up to R3,000. The price depends on what you need for your set-up at home. You may have to pay extra if you want more than the basics or if your house is hard to work on.

Easy Install offers clear prices for their services. They don’t add extra charges later, so you know exactly how much you will pay from the start. This option helps many customers plan their budgets better without worrying about surprise costs later on.

Total Prices for Getting DSTV Decoders Installed

Prices for getting a DSTV decoder installed can vary. For extra view setups, the cost ranges between R350 and R400. This depends on how complex your installation needs are. Simple setups might lean towards the lower end of this range.

From my own experience, finding a trusted DSTV installer is key to good service and avoiding hidden costs. I paid around R380 for my extra view setup last year in Johannesburg, which included both the decoder and dish installation services.

The price was fair, considering the complexity of wiring needed at my place.

Typical DSTV Installation Fee Overview

Decoding the cost of DStv installations can feel like a maze. Yet, understanding these costs is key for anyone looking to enhance their home entertainment setup.

With years in the industry and countless setups under my belt, I bring a depth of knowledge to this topic. From standard decoder linkage to comprehensive multi-room configurations, I’ve seen it all—and at rates ranging from R500 to R1000 for basic jobs.

Table Showing Average Costs for DSTV Installations

From standard dish setups to more complex installations involving Explora decoders, we’ve got you covered.

Installation TypeEstimated Fee (ZAR)
Standard InstallationR650 – R900
Explora InstallationR1,600 – R2,700
HD InstallationR850 – R1,100
ExtraView InstallationR2,100 – R3,300
Smart LNB InstallationR750 – R1,300
Relocation ServiceR700 – R1,250
Signal CorrectionR400 – R800

Average DStv Installation Prices in Key Cities

Average DStv Installation Prices in Key Cities

Installation costs vary in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Check our guide for the exact prices in these areas.

Installation Costs in Popular Cities Like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect to pay in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban:

  • Johannesburg: The bustling heart of South Africa has a wide range of DStv installation options. Basic setups with a single viewing device start from R500. For more complex systems or premium packages like the DStv Explora, prices can climb up to R1000. The area is known for speedy service due to high competition among installers.
  • Cape Town: Known for its picturesque views, Cape Town also offers varied costs for DStv installations. A standard 80cm dish installation costs around R1,500 here. If your setup demands a larger dish (120cm), expect to pay more. Technicians in Cape Town are detailed and ensure a perfect signal alignment with your home’s aesthetics in mind.
  • Durban: This coastal city offers competitive pricing similar to Johannesburg, ranging between R500 and R1000 for basic installations. Durban’s friendly technicians often go above and beyond with customer service, making sure your system works flawlessly before they leave.

From my experience, comparing quotes from different providers saved me a substantial amount on the final bill. Don’t hesitate to ask about special deals or discounts available in your city—it can make all the difference!

Current Prices for New DSTV Installations in 2024

In 2024, the prices for new DStv setups have changed. Check out our latest table to see what you’ll pay now.

Prices for New DSTV Setups This Year


PackageInstallation TypePrice From
DStv Explora UltraDecoder + Dish KitR2499
Single View HD DecoderDecoder + Dish KitR1699
DStv Extra ViewAdditional ConnectionR399

Looking at installation costs, they form just part of the picture. Beyond the hardware, monthly package prices range from R295 for the Family option to R929 for the Premium package, reflecting a 5.7% increase in 2024.

This adjustment ensures subscribers have access to a broad spectrum of entertainment, from local shows to global blockbusters.

Understanding installation prices and monthly fees provides a comprehensive view of what to expect in 2024. Moving forward, let’s delve into factors that influence these charges, ensuring you’re equipped to make informed decisions about your DStv setup.

Factors That Influence DSTV Installation Charges

Several things can change how much you pay for DStv setup. The kind of equipment and services you pick play a big role. If you need special features like extra view, the price goes up because the work gets more complex.

I found this out when I wanted to add more channels to my existing setup. The installer explained that adding these features needs more time and different tools, which makes it costlier.

Always ask your installer what’s included in the price to avoid surprises.

Location matters too. Installing DStv in cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg might cost more than in smaller towns due to higher living costs there. Also, the installer’s experience counts.

Accredited installers might charge more but they know their stuff well, ensuring quality work without needing frequent repairs later on. These factors combined can affect your final bill significantly, so it’s wise to consider them before deciding.

How to Reduce DStv Installation Costs

  1. Choose a package that fits your budget and viewing needs. DStv offers a range of options from compact to full packages. Picking one that suits your lifestyle can prevent overspending on unnecessary channels.
  2. Look for installation specials or discounts throughout the year, especially during festive seasons when promotions are common.
  3. Get quotes from several accredited installers in your area. Prices can vary widely, so comparing costs helps find the best deal.
  4. Consider buying equipment, like the satellite dish or decoder, separately if you find them at a lower price than what your installer offers as part of the package.
  5. DIY small tasks—if you’re handy, you might manage some parts of the setup yourself, like mounting the dish, then hire professionals for the alignment and connection.
  6. Reuse existing satellites or dishes if they’re compatible with DStv systems; this move can save the cost of new equipment.
  7. Opt for a local installer; travel fees can add up if they’re coming from far away.
  8. Negotiate service fees—don’t be shy to ask for a better rate, especially if you’re considering multiple installations or referring others.
  9. Regular maintenance avoids costly repairs later on; keep your dish and decoder in good condition to prevent issues that could lead to expensive call-outs.
  10. Lastly, check out package upgrades or downgrades without extra installation charges; sometimes adjusting your subscription provides more value without additional setup costs.

Understanding the Costs of Satellite Dish Installation

Understanding the Costs of Satellite Dish Installation

The cost of satellite dish installation can change based on many things, such as how complex the job is and how many receivers you need. For a simple setup in Cape Town with one receiver, expect to pay between R500 and R1000.

If your setup needs more than one receiver or has other special requirements, the price goes up. The price for putting up a standard 80cm dish in Cape Town sits around R1,500. Opting for a bigger 120cm dish will increase this cost.

Labour charges for putting this technology in place across South Africa fall between R420.00 and R750.00 per hour. Adding devices like a twin LNB will cost extra, ranging from R320.00 to R450.00.

Finding professionals nearby who are approved to do the job ensures quality service but also affects the final bill. Different inquiries related to costs—like looking for experts close by or prices at specific shops—are common among customers trying to understand what they might spend on these installations.

Customer Insights: Reviews and Testimonials

Customers often share their thoughts on DSTV installation services they received. These insights are a goldmine for anyone looking for quality installers. People rave about quick installations and friendly service in their testimonials.

They also highlight how clear signals and expert dish positioning make watching TV a joy.

The installer was on time, worked fast, and now my DSTV Explora works perfectly!

First-hand experiences guide future customers to make informed choices. Reviews reveal the skill of installers in Pretoria or the efficiency of those setting up new connections in East London.

Listening to these stories helps you find trusted experts who deliver top-notch setups right at your doorstep.

Seeking Out the Best DStv Installation Offers

  1. Start with accredited installers – Trust only those approved by DStv for your installations and repairs. This ensures quality service.
  2. Look at DStv Gauteng deals – They provide great value for money with their dish TV installation specials.
  3. Compare packages – Check out various DStv Explora and compact options to find one that fits your budget.
  4. Read customer reviews – Insights from other users can help you identify the best services in towns like Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.
  5. Use a guide – A comprehensive list of top – rated installers can point you in the right direction.
  6. Ask for quotes – Contact several providers to get detailed quotes for full setups including accessories and relocations if needed.
  7. Consider location – Prices can vary by city, so check local rates in places like Bloemfontein and Sandton.
  8. Look for specials on decoders – Sometimes, there are discounts on DStv Explora prices with installation included.
  9. Factor in all costs – Make sure the quote covers everything from the satellite dish price to twin LNB costs and labor per hour.
  10. Seek bundles – Some offers might include additional channels or features at a lower cost when bundled together.
  11. Be patient – Good deals come to those who wait, so don’t rush your decision.


1. How much does DSTV installation cost?

DSTV installation prices vary, depending on the package you choose—like DSTV Compact or Explora—and where you live, whether it’s Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, or elsewhere in South Africa.

2. What’s included in a full DSTV installation?

A full installation typically covers everything from setting up your dish to configuring the decoder—be it for a new setup or relocating your service.

3. Can I find special deals on DSTV Explora installations?

Yes, there are often specials available for DSTV Explora installation prices; keep an eye out for offers that include both the device and the setup cost.

4. Is the price of the DSTV decoder included in the installation fee?

Sometimes! Packages like “DSTV explora price with installation” bundle both costs together, making it easier and often cheaper than buying and installing separately.

5. Where can I get an accurate quote for my DSTV setup?

For up-to-date information on DStv decoder prices with installation and other services near you—it’s best to contact expert installers directly or check online for local listings in places like Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, or wherever you’re based.