Final Race Instructions

Thank you for being a part of the Takealot Satellite Classic weekend.

Registration dates
Registration will take place on the following days:

Thursday 10 October:  ASG The Store, Olympus Village, Olympus Road
Pretoria:  09h00 – 17h00
Friday 11 October: ASG Pop Up Store, LEVEL 4,
Shop 16C Middle Mall Hydepark Shopping Centre
(Near to the Clicks entrance),
Johannesburg: 09h00 – 17h00

Event Date
Saturday 12 October:  Takealot Satellite Classic from 06h00

Bekker High School

There is ample parking at Bekker High School.  Make sure you arrive at the venue at least one hour prior to your start time.  Please take note that the R98 will be closed for vehicles and access to the venue will only be via the R24.

See Venue Access Map below for more detail.


Start & Finish
The race will start and finish at Bekker High School.Riders must make their way to the starting pens, which is located in the main road above the main rugby field.

Riders have to be in their starting pens at least 20 minutes prior to their start and adhere to officials’ instructions.

Starting Times
The event starts at 06h00 and all riders will receive text messages with their starting times and batches. Batches and start times are also printed on race numbers which you will receive at registration.

106km Start 
prefix time category
$ 06h00     CSA Lic Elite, U23, Juniors
VA 06h05     CSA Lic Vet Men (30+)
VB 06h10    CSA Lic Vet Men (40+)
VC 06h15     CSA Lic Vet Men (50+)
% 06h20    CSA Lic Ladies Elite
TB 06h30     Tandem
TL 06h30    Tandem
AL 06h35   Open
BL 06h40   Open
CL 06h45   Open
DL 06h50   Open
EL 06h55   Open
FL 07h00  Open
GL 07h05 Open
* 08h10 CSA Lic U/15 and U/17 Boys and Girls and Junior Ladies
TB 08h10 Tandem
TS 08h10 Tandem
 AS 08h13 Open
Riders are asked to please look out for each other and merge safely when the short route joins after approx. 85km.

It is vital on all routes that you are very aware that there is no road closure and road rules apply. Please be aware of vehicles and keep left at all times.

Cut off Times
The following cut-off time will be in place on Race Day:

  • 13h00 – 91km at waterpoint 4
  • Finish line at 14h00

Cyclists who miss the cut-off along the route may not continue with the race.  Sweep vehicles will be in position at the cut-off points to transport cyclists with their bicycles back to the venue.

106km: Waterpoints at 15km, 37km, 67km, 91km and 106km
The following will be available at the respective waterpoints:
WP1 – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)
WP2 – Drink plus food
WP3 – Drink plus food
WP4 – Drink plus food
WP5/Finish – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)

Waterpoints at 16km and 31km

WP1 – Drink plus food
WP2 – Drinks only (High5, Coke and Water)
Prize Giving
Prize giving will take place at 11:00 on Saturday, and only once the last racing groups have finished the race and the results have been signed off by CSA.  RaceTec chips are compulsory for all racing groups. 

Prize winners must be present at prize giving.

No prize money will be handed to winners before the prize giving, regardless of circumstance. You will forfeit the prize money if you are not present at the prize giving.

Road Race:
The provisional results of the event will be available within 24 hours on the website:

Medical Emergencies
We have dedicated Safety, Security and Medical teams both at the venue and on the route.  Please call the following number in case of any emergencies:  0637181486.

Mechanical Support
ASG The Store will provide mechanical support at the start.  There will be no mechanical support along the route; please be self-sufficient and ensure that you have spares.  If you need to withdraw from the race due to mechanical issues, there will be a sweep vehicle at the back of the race to collect riders and their bicycles.

Substitution and distance changes
No cyclist may use another person’s cycling number.

If you are unable to cycle, someone may take your place with a letter of authorization from you.

Your entry fee will not be refunded and the substitute participant will be required to pay a fee of R60-00 over and above the applicable entry fee.

Distance changes will be treated as a substitution.

No substitutions will be allowed on race day, regardless of circumstance.

Your entry fee will not be refunded.

Give back
Olive Foundation
A[S]G have an official charity, The Olive Children’s Foundation. If you missed your chance to support a great cause, click on the website link below to find out what amazing work they do!

Give to the deprived.

Provision will be made for you to help us, help the needy. We would like to give entrants the opportunity to bring the following, for us to distribute:

  1. Unused clothing items
  2. Kitchen utensils
  3. Blankets
  4. Bed linen etc

 A clearly marked area will be located near the start line for these items.

For further event related information please visit:

Important notice. We are aware of the road works on the R560 between Skeerpoort and the left turn onto the R24 (Rustenburg Road).  These roadworks were unexpected but we are doing our level best to make sure the riding conditions are safe for all to travel on. More information on this will be communicated to all entrants before the event.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable race this weekend!

The Satellite Classic team.

4 thoughts on “Final Race Instructions

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Hein,
      BL will start at 06h40. You can read above the starting times, as well as on the Information page of the website.
      Kind regards,

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there Ben,

      Late entries will be accepted for the event at the following registration venues:

      • ASG The Store, Olympus Village, Olympus Road, Pretoria – Thursday, 10 October 2019 from 09:00 – 17:00

      •ASG Pop Up Store, Shop 16C Middle Mall Hydepark Shopping Centre (Near to the Clicks entrance), Johannesburg – Friday 11 October 2019 09h00 – 17h00

      Please note that there won’t be any late entries on the morning of the event.

      Kind regards,
      Tomas Degenaar

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